2021/12/15 Mother & Daughter – An Online Session

2021/12/15 Mother & Daughter – An Online Session


Time: 20:30-22:00

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Mother & Daughter – a karmic relationship … a Survival Guide!

Excessive force in a family situation can lead to conflict. Learn how to smooth it down and avoid the gap in your Mother-Daughter relationship

Whether you are a mother or a daughter or you are somewhere between the two, this session will give both of you an understanding of why mothers & daughters are pulling in the opposite direction… and practical ways to bring peace, healing and understanding to this relationship!
Join us as we explore the restoration of the energy and psychological bond.

The main topics will be:

  • What is this karmic relationship
  • The 3 main pillars that will help you maintain a healthy relationship. Because love is not enough.
  • What the Mother symbolizes in our lives
  • How this bond changes as we grow older. What happens to our expectations of our mother and / or daughter
  • Treatment, the unconditional acceptance of a mother
  • The Parent Leader
  • Erasing the toxicity of a relationship that tests us
  • How the modern dynamics of society make the conflict between Mother & Daughter, an epidemic
  • Active Listening: how to use it with other simple tools to maintain a healthy bond.

& nbsp;

* The camera should be open throughout the meeting
Any kind of filming is strictly forbidden during the session

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